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Hey, I’m James, a sysadmin by profession, self-confessed geek and all-round tech-enthusiast!

Based in the North-East of England, I work for a small MSP who provide solutions to Education and business customers. For more on my professional life, check out my LinkedIn.

The man behind the beard

Outside of work, if I’m not spending time with my family, I enjoy learning and exploring different technologies. While there’s always something new to work on, my main kicks come from automation. It’s a pretty huge field, full of geeky goodies, ranging from scripting the tedious stuff to larger scale orchestration and configuration management.

While I always enjoy building my professional knowledge - which is mostly Windows server and business products - when I’m not at work, I like to venture down the rabbit-hole into some of the more ‘fun’ technologies. Some examples of technologies I am currently focused on in this field are:

  • Virtualisation, containerisation and all things ‘high availability’
  • Configuration management (Ansible) and orchestration (Docker swarm, etc.)
  • Day-to-day automation with PowerShell and Python
  • Linux and open source projects :heart:
  • Monitoring & remediation infrastructures
  • Networking, networking, networking
  • Building interconnected systems using APIs
  • IoT and home-automation
  • …Whatever else I can get my hands on!

As well as the hands-on stuff, I also like to expand my knowledge on different concepts & ideologies, and I’m keen to try and adapt some of the daunting enterprise and cloud-scale systems/technologies for the smaller scale.


The aim of this blog is to have a place for conversational documentation, for both myself to reference later down the line and anybody else who might be in my shoes. I’ll try not to preach or treat this like a diary, but if there’s anything I think will be useful, I’ll share it here!

This blog is freely hosted on GitLab.com using their GitLab pages service, and the is powered by Hugo, a static site generator written in Go.

Any views on this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any agency I am working on the behalf of.

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